Dr. Milt Allen
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Conductor Dr. Milt Allen


The UT-Martin Launching Pad
Martin Music Mania

For Love of Music Part One
It is twenty degrees with a slight wind. There are just a few random, small flakes of snow falling. The air is clean and fresh.

For Love of Music Part Two
Something of interest here: You may have noticed no mention of music at this university. Well, that's why we have a story. Michigan Tech doesn't offer a major in music, but they do have a music program which includes choirs, concert bands, jazz bands, and the Husky pep band.

For Love of Music Part Three
The hike/climb began to become surreal. Beautiful. Breathtaking. And it was right then that I realized that it was love that brought me here.

For Love of Music Part Four
The first thing I realized was that I had to keep these snowshoes, with their claws, in front of me. The second thing was to keep my center of balance low.

Quote of the Week

"Money can't buy you happiness . . . but it can sure make you comfortable while you're looking."

-Rich of World Famous Chocolates at the WMEA State Convention

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